The festival of "dream and fly " started

作者: 美高梅-国际学校  发布:2019-12-03

美高梅mgm59599,美高梅集团网站是多少,(By zhuangjie) On the evening of October 21, the 4th association and culture festival opening ceremony was on .It was held on the football field of east campus at 7:00. Vice secretary of CPC HUST committee OuYangKang, Secretary or youth league HUST committee, Wang Zhiyong ,Director of Student Administration Office ZhuXin and representatives from other institutions attended the opening ceremony,. Although the sky began to drizzle, the enthusiasm of the students involved wasn’t extinguished; many students were still attracted to the show. At the opening ceremony, OuYangkang made an important speech in which he expressed congratulations to the opening ceremony held on schedule in the rain and thanks to those association staffs. Then, he said: “association is a beacon for our boundless enthusiasm; association is a piece of ice to cool us for thinking; association is an arena to display our talents; association is a melting pot flocking all our enthusiasm to promote the healthy development of our school. At last, he hoped that the current activities could meet the undergraduate teaching evaluation and incorporate long march of morality with the learning and teaching style building. The whole performance lasted about two hours and was an undoubtedly success.

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